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Why ESL Certification Counts

I recently became aware of an online course purporting to help and advise aspiring ESL trainers to find ESL work abroad, without the trainer requiring TESOL certification or experience.I was shocked. How utterly and incredibly irresponsible, and what a disservice that does to the profession.

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5 Top Tips for Surviving as an ESL Trainer in Germany

I've been a self-employed language trainer in Germany since April 2006 and after fumbling my way through the first year am now in the comfortable position of having fabulous clients, a multi-streamed income and a thorough understanding of what it takes to succeed as an ESL trainer in this market.It's not always easy, and if you don't know the German language or business culture (or winter!) your first steps may be a little faltering - but don't give up. This is a beautiful country and there is so much to do and see... and so much work for dedicated, competent, flexible trainers. It's personally and professionally rewarding working in Germany; I highly recommend it.And so to smooth the path for you, I've compiled these 5 Top Tips for Surviving as an ESL Trainer in Germany! Looking forward to your comments.

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Jacqui meet Udemy, Udemy meet Jacqui

Since my last post I've discovered a platform which you've not doubt been aware of for a long time, but which I stumbled upon almost by accident - Udemy. And this discovery has resulted in every spare moment of my time being consumed in course creation - a veritable bulk download of knowledge from the past nine years of training, converted into a polished series of training courses offered on the fabulous Udemy platform.

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