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7 Golden Rules for Dealing with Disruption in the Training Room

I once had a learner who crushed chalk and sniffed it in class. I had a learner who spent the first half of a lesson sucking on a dummy, looking for attention. I had a student screw up a piece of paper - an exercise - and toss it on the floor. I’ve had grimaces. Whispers. Then there have been the talkers - the learner who knew more about Australia than me (iiiiinterestiiing…), the learner who dominated discussion and talked over others, the one who used a training session to shamelessly advertise his business (selling used cars) and one learner took every opportunity to complain about her working day, boss and colleagues. And mobile phone use (making calls, taking calls, sending messages, faffing around on Facebook etc).Some might argue that any interaction is a good one, but I disagree.So the question is raised: how do you maintain flexibility whilst keeping your training session on track and meeting your learning goals?