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Trainer Tips: Get paid - how to invoice and when to enforce

Money can be a tricky topic and can make some people uncomfortable to talk about, but whatever your personal feelings are business is business and you need to get paid for your work.

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How to Help Your Clients Value Your Time

Some mornings I have that pithy saying go through my head: when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. This can be especially true when - as a self-employed trainer without the protections of an employer to cushion you from an industry or client's ups and downs - you find yourself suddenly at a loose end.

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On VET Assessment, Instruments and Tools

The room was silent, uncomfortably so.  A shuffling of papers, nervous cough.  Even John, who had been so verbose the past four days was silent, a sliver of doubt in his eyes.Waiting expectantly with whiteboard marker raised, our instructor repeated the question which had driven us to this place of uncertainty: “So, what is an assessment instrument, and what is an assessment tool?”

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