O'Connell Advanced Training Solutions

flexible and individual training solutions

Our Services

We are your competent and reliable partner, and conceptualise customised language and business skills training solutions for you.

Since 2006 we have worked with partners from a side variety of industries, including:

  • automotive, including OEMs, engineering, suppliers, sub-suppliers and sales
  • medical, including doctors / specialists, midwives, nursing staff and researchers
  • gastronomy, including restaurants, wine specialists, service staff and hoteliers
  • energy industry, including renewable energy, engineering, designers, managers and administrative staff
  • finance, including bankers, finance administrators, and accountants

In addition to our language training courses, we also offer in-house coaching and mentoring for senior staff.

Identifying Gaps in Skills and Competencies

We examine the current level of Business English capability of your managers and staff and compare this with the skills and knowledge requirements of your workforce to help your organisation realise its potential.

Our method is to familiarise ourselves with the business environment and relationships of the managers and staff we will be working with, followed by interviews and baseline testing to determine the range of abilities, knowledge and behaviours your workforce possesses, and contrast these with your organisation’s expectations.

We generate a plan in the form of a Training Program which is approved by the company as the agreed framework for closing the gaps.

The Training Program design is based on best-practice programs developed in Australia's VET sector. Contact me for a sample Program and see how it could be applied in your organisation.

Developing Resource Materials

As a qualified and experienced trainer, assessor and designer, Jacqueline can develop and customise Business English training and assessment materials specific to your industry and business needs.

O'Connell Advanced Training Solutions has an established track record in developing and customising learner guides and assessment materials for a range of industries and workplace contexts.

Our approach is to design materials targeted to individual, organisation and project needs, ensuring specific learning requirements are met.

We are experienced in developing training and assessment materials for different contexts, all of which can be incorporated into a Learning Management System for easy online access by staff in their own time.

Assistance with Event Preparation and Reports in English

We have found that companies sometimes require short-term technical assistance with the preparation of business events for marketing, sales and supplier-buyer relationships, as well as with fine-tuning important reports or analyses about their business and its capabilities.

In our experience, a request for such technical assistance is usually ad hoc and time bound, often with tight deadlines.

O'Connell Advanced Training Solutions can provide this kind of technical assistance.

  • quantitative and qualitative research in English
  • translation services
  • facilitation of seminars in English
  • the editing of English language reports
  • trade fair preparation